Dr. Sanjay Manhas 

PhD – University of Toronto (2018)

Born and raised in Ottawa, Sanjay completed his B.Sc. at the University of Ottawa (Biopharmaceutical Science – Medicinal Chemistry) with honours. He then moved to the University of Toronto and completed his doctoral research under the supervision of professor Mark S. Taylor. His Ph.D. work focused on applications of organoboron reagents as catalysts or promoters towards carbohydrate synthesis. After graduating he joined Suncayr, a start-up company, as a senior scientist responsible for research and development of new UV light detecting sensors. He then joined the Caputo lab as a post-doctoral research fellow in collaboration with Inkbox where he works on the development of new tattoo dyes.

Dr. Nico Bonnano 

PhD – Brock University (2021)

Dr. Josh Gaffen

PhD – Case Western Reserve University (2018)

Lucas Torres – PhD Student

BSc –  McMaster University (2019)

Charley Garrard – MSc Student

BSc –  York University (2020)

Taylor Cosby – MSc Student

BSc –  Western University (2021)

Lily Hoang – CHEM4000 Thesis Student

Nhu Nguyen – Volunteer Researcher

Postdoctoral Fellows

Dr. Ian Mallov (2021) – Currently a Research Chemist at Inkbox

Dr. Kevin Szkop (2020) – Currently an Analyst at Shift Health

Dr. Andryj Borys-Smith (2020) – Currently a Postdoctoral Research Associate at the University of Bern

Graduate Students

Jordan Bentley (2021)

Amy Laturski (MSc 2021) 

Fiona Jeeva (MSc 2021) 

Selvyn Simoes (2020) 

Undergraduate Students

Clive Ameyaw Boeteng (2021)

Isaac Timoffee-Maberly (2021)

Seja Elgadi (2021) 

Hamna Zafar (2021) – CHEM4000 Thesis Student

Charley Garrard (2020) – CHEM4000 Thesis Student 

Dylan James (2020) – CHEM4000 Thesis Student 

Deanna Tiberi (2020) 

Seja Elgadi (2019) 

Zihao Li (2019) 

Przemyslaw Warszewski – BCHEM4000 Thesis Student 

Matthew Hoyland (2018)

Arrpita Sethi (2017)