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New Article Alert! Congrats to Ian and Fiona for their accepted publication on their work on An Edible Genipin Based Sensor for Biogenic Amine Detection

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Congrats to Jordan, Ekadashi and Toby!

Their work entitled, Bis(pentafluorophenyl)phenothiazylborane – an intramolecular frustrated Lewis pair catalyst for stannane dehydrocoupling, was published in Dalton Transactions!

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Our industrial collaborations were recently highlighted in y-file!

The lab has recently been awarded an NSERC CRD grant with Inkbox worth $450,000 to further the development of semi-permanent tattoo technologies.

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Latest News

Winter 2020 – We have an industrial postdoctoral fellow position available in synthetic organic and dye chemistry! Please see the posting here.

Fall 2020 – A surprising amount of news has happened while the lab was closed due to the pandemic. Congrats to Ian and Fiona for their work on the development of colorimetric sensors for food spoilage (read it here!). Also congrats to Jordan, Seja, Josh and Paul for the FLA follow-up just published in Organometallics.

We also say goodbye to Dr. Andryj Borys-Smith who is now a Researcher at the University of Bern in Switzerland as well as Selvyn Simoes who is pursuing a PhD at Ryerson University. We also said hello and goodbye to Dr. Kevin Szkop who had a very productive 4-month postdoctoral visit and is now an Analyst at Shift Health. Finally, welcome to Charley Garrard (MSc Student), welcome back Seja Elgadi (co-op Student) and Hamna Zafar (CHEM4000)

March 2020 – Congrats to Jordan and our computational collaborators Ekadashi and Toby for their nice work on the Lewis acidic bis(pentafluorophenyl)phenothiazylborane published today in Dalton Transactions! https://pubs.rsc.org/en/content/articlelanding/2020/DT/D0DT00506A#!divAbstract

Fall 2019 – A lot has been going on in the lab recently! We welcome Dr. Andryj Borys-Smith to the lab who will undertake postdoctoral studies in the group in collaboration with Prof. Baumgartner.

There are also three new graduate students, we welcome back Lucas Torres, also Selvyn Simoes and Amy Laturski join the team!

Finally, we welcome two CHEM4000 Thesis students, Charley Garrard and Dylan James. We also say goodbye to Zihao Li, who was a visiting student from Hunan China through the Mitacs Globallink program.

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