Welcome to the Caputo Lab at York University

Our group is interested in ways to develop greener and more sustainable chemistry. Two approaches we will be undertaking is in the development of new strategies to address current limitations in main-group catalysis, developing novel small molecules and materials to address these drawbacks. Furthermore, we are also interested in the development of dyes and materials from renewable sources. Our research program is very broad, involving aspects of inorganic, organic, supramolecular and materials chemistry.

Chris is actively looking for students (undergraduate and graduate) to join his lab. Please email Chris (caputo@yorku.ca) if you are interested! Potential graduate students are also encouraged to visit the Department of Chemistry website for further information.

May 2019 – We say goodbye to Dr. Ian Mallov who completed his postdoctoral studies and began his career at Inkbox. We wish him the best of luck in the future! With his departure, we welcome our new postdoctoral fellow, Dr. Sanjay Manhas who completed his PhD at the University of Toronto to the lab!
May 2019 – Przemek has successfully defended his CHEM4000 Thesis, we wish him the best of luck in his future endeavors. We would also like to welcome back Lucas Torres and an NSERC USRA student, Seja Elgadi from McMaster for the summer!
April 2019 – Congrats to Jordan, Lucas and our collaborators in the Baumgartner lab for their publication in Chem!
January 2019 – Chris has won the 2018 Polanyi Prize in Chemistry! For more information, please see the Ontario Universities story.
December 2018 – Jordan’s second paper has been published in Tetrahedron for a special issue on Frustrated Lewis Acids and Organoboranes, congrats Jordan!
October 2018 – Our first paper as a research group which investigates the hydroarylation reaction between olefins and phenols has been published in Organometallics! Congrats Jordan for the great work.
September 2018 – It was a productive summer in the lab, we say good-bye to Lucas Torres as he finished his NSERC USRA and heads back to McMaster University. He had a productive summer, being awarded a Presentation Prize at the NSERC Summer Research Conference here at York. Congrats to our graduate student Jordan Bentley for being named the 2018-2019 Dalton Pharma Services/Dr. Douglas Butler Award in Organic Chemistry, way to go!
July 2018 – Welcome to Fiona Jeeva, an incoming MSc Student from the University of Toronto!
May 2018 – Welcome to Lucas Torres, an NSERC USRA student from McMaster who is spending the summer with us!
January 2018 – We would like to thank Arrpita Sethi for her work during the first semester and welcome to Matthew Hoyland who is volunteering with us this term.
November 2017 – Chris was named a Tier 2 Canada Research Chair! For more information, see the York University y-file story.
September 2017 – Welcome to Jordan Bentley, our new graduate student from Ryerson University!
August 2017 – Welcome to Ian Mallov, our new Postdoctoral Fellow from the University of Toronto!
July 2017 – Chris has started at York University!